What works Better SQLite or Realm ??

Which Database to use and why ?



App Developers are always faced with a dilemma of where to store data for your app .If you ever design apps for offline use or even otherwise there is always a need to store your data locally . Earlier the only option available was SQLite and it has its own limitations but now we have something called as Realm.




Developed using the C Library its a  small fast and reliable SQl Database engine. This is used heavily by developers and embedded in to the actual program


Disadvantages of using SQLite

  • Storage: The database is stored as one single file.
  • Security: At any point if your app crashes the journal file is stored which can help restore but can also cause data corruption. The best option to handle sensitive data in such cases is encryption
  •  No Compile time checks
  • Administration of multiple users might be slow.


Realm is a powerful framework for mobile databases. The Realm Database is suprisingly fast and simple to use.Objects in Realm are live and fully reactive.It has realtime data sync andgood event handling

Advantages of Realm

  • Speed is the biggest advantage of using Realm . Search are much faster
  • Easy to Integrate with few lines of code
  • Browser to explore and edit your database
  • Cross Platform

ICRUXTech team always believes the best choice can vary based on the project requirements and should be a well thought process. Realm is fast and looks very easy to use at the same time SQLite is the traditional database. SQLite is also undegoing a major change with ROOM designed by Google which is basically a abstraction Layer.

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