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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA solutions that are customized to meet specific business needs

Robotic Process Automation

At IcruxSystem, our working partnerships with leading technology companies enable us to deliver reliable and robust RPA solutions. We specialize in delivering a full suite of RPA solutions that improve productivity and offer high value in terms of inorganic cost reduction for our clients. Due to the use of effective delivery models, we quickly deploy low risk solutions that enable 24×7 productivity with improved speed and accuracy. Our expertise in RPA solutions includes:
Testing Automation

Testing Automation

We leverage our RPA expertise to offer a full range of testing automation solutions that involves automatic software testing using bots. By making use of advanced RPA tools and technologies such as UiPath, Blueprism and Robot Emulator among others, we offer comprehensive testing automation solutions for flexible automation equipment, systems and applications software.

Task Bots

Task Bots

IcruxSystem can help design task bots that are capable of replicating and performing complex business process actions. By making use of task bots, businesses can automate actions that are typically undertaken by employees at the presentation layer. We can also help design task bots that are capable of carrying out these actions across any desktop-based application.
Meta Bots

Meta Bots

Due to our wide expertise covering RPA tools and technologies, IcruxSystem can apply automation at any scale. We leverage API level integration to design meta bots that are capable of creating repeated and complex system-to-system integrations. We can also help design meta bots that are capable of managing task bots.
IQ Bots

IQ Bots

In addition to task bots and meta bots, we can also help design IQ bots that are capable of learning and adapting over time. IQ bots can be designed to behave like human counterparts, but with fewer errors. We achieve this by designing bots that leverage unstructured data to make decisions based on accumulated experience and learning.

QA, Testing and Deployment 2

Application Development Management

Due to our expertise in robotic process automation, IcruxSystem specializes in offering automated application development management solutions covering the entire lifecycle of an application. This includes managing the application development process, maintaining an application and versioning and updating an application throughout its lifecycle.
Natural language processing


Chatbots are soon taking over the traditional Customer Interaction.Their ability to mimic conversations and offer response which is humane in nature helps build a robust Customer Centric Platform.

  • Flow Chatbots
  • AI Chatbots
  • Hybrids
  • One-Way AI Bots
  • Two–Way AI Bots

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