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Icrux has extensive experience in Upgrade and strong  methodology helps our customers to accelerate as well derive ROI from the Upgrade. We can help our clients evaluate the best path

  • Upgrade Assessment
  • Technical Upgrade
  • Transformational Upgrade
  • Move from JDEdwards World to EnterpriseOne

We will help you in getting the answers to the following questions quickly, efficiently and with precision.

  • Are you sure of the Technical Retrofit Effort it will take for a upgrade of your system?
  • Are you are one of the clients where there is very minimal or least documentation of your system?
  • Who created? Why it was created? Are we still Using it ? Do we need those programs?
  • Duplication of Programs, Obsolete Objects?
  • What does the new JDE Ecosystem Offer?
  • Can any one of the current customization be replaced by Standard Programs?
  • Are we a candidate for Big Bang Approach or Phased Implementation?
  • How do we handle Phased Implementations?
  • Which Facility Will Go live first ?
  • How do we map the processes?
  • What are the new Interoperability options in JDE?
  • What is BSSV, REST, Orchestrator? Can any of your current Interfaces be mapped to BSSV?
  • Can we make use of ADF Applications?
  • How can we enable our applications to Fusion Middleware?
  • What are the new Modules in JDE E9? What are its Features?
  • Are there any training videos for new features in JDE E9?

Ready to get started?

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