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Analytics & Insights Services

Enabling global businesses to obtain meaningful business insights from data

Analytics and Insights

At IcruxSystem, we leverage our expertise with Big Data and IT Systems to offer data-driven insights that enable better business outcomes. Regardless of whether business data is structured, semi-structured or unstructured, we can organize data and use complex algorithms to derive meaningful insights focused on business strategies and objectives. Our expertise in data analytics and insights includes:

Consultative analytics

IcruxSystem specializes in offering advanced consultative analytics that convert historical as well as real-time data into actionable insights. We offer a comprehensive suite of consultative analytics solutions covering customer analytics, industrial analytics, marketing analytics, HR analytics, sales analytics, ecommerce analytics, performance analytics and analytics for fraud prevention.

Risk based analytics

We have a proven track record of building specialized risk-based analytics systems that measure and monitor risks for businesses. By following a well-defined approach to risk-based analytics, we enable businesses to employ smarter and data driven insights in order to manage risk.

Data warehousing

At IcruxSystem, we leverage next-gen technologies to deliver scalable data warehousing solutions for our clients. Depending on specific business needs, we can follow either a top-down or a bottom-up approach to data warehousing. Our data warehousing solutions encompass everything ranging from data modeling and architecture, data integration, data governance, architecture design and modeling, data warehouse migration, enterprise data management, performance and managed services.

Data visualization

We leverage our expertise in IT to provide visually appealing and insightful informative analytics from big data. Our data visualization solutions enable business leaders to quickly identify key KPIs and gain actionable insights from advanced infographics, heat maps, charts, sparklines and geographic maps, among other types of visual data.

Data analysis and reporting

Our experts at IcruxSystem have years of experience in offering advanced data analysis services. We make use of machine learning and complex rule-based algorithms to offer predictive and prescriptive analytics to our clients. In addition to data analysis, we also enable smart reporting through bespoke charts, power point presentations and in-depth reports.

Predictive analytics

We can help design predictive analytics solutions that enable businesses to predict sales or market conditions. While our predictive analytics solutions can be used to understand customer behavior, our solutions also enhance the efficiency of business operations and optimize resource usage.

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