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Business Intelligence & Reporting

Robust BI tools that translate data into actionable information

Business Intelligence and Reporting

At IcruxSystem, we excel at providing BI and reporting solutions that align organizational data and statistics with business processes and strategies. We can help design a reliable and robust framework for providing information to users within an organization using the latest BI technologies. We offer an end-to-end range of business intelligence and reporting solutions including:

Reports and dashboards development

We specialize in creating BI dashboards that helps business leaders identify KPIs with ease. We offer a full range of reports and dashboards development services including custom dashboard development, modification, migration and integration of existing dashboards and dashboard training and maintenance services.

ETL and database integration

Our team of data experts at IcruxSystem have broad experience with database integration. This allows us to offer effective and reliable data migration from databases to data warehouses. Our expertise in ETL tools covers Microsoft SSIS, Oracle Data Integrator, Informatica PowerCenter, Pentaho and other custom ETLs.

Report performance optimization

IcruxSystem specializes in offering report performance optimization services that ensure that business systems run efficiently at all times. Our performance optimization services enable businesses to identify and diagnose performance problems that may occur during system operation.

Database design and development

At IcruxSystem, we have years of experience with a range of relational database management systems including MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, among others. This allows us to design, develop, implement and integrate database systems to optimum performance levels.

End-to-end reporting development

To ensure long-term adoption of reporting and analytics solutions, IcruxSystem also offers end-to-end reporting development services to businesses. From creating concepts to implementation and training end-users, we can fit into your reporting and analytics strategy to deliver tangible benefits.

Support and maintenance services

In addition to our range of business intelligence and reporting solutions, we also offer comprehensive support and maintenance services. Our experts can help address any issues or concerns that clients may have with our business intelligence and reporting solutions.

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