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Full Stack Engineering

A comprehensive suite of cutting edge full stack engineering services under a single roof

Full Stack Engineering

IcruxSystem boasts of having a team of proficient full stack developers who are familiar with every layer in computer software development. Our developers have the experience and the expertise to perform tasks at every level of the technical stack. Our team works with a variety of technologies including:
  • Front End: Angular JS, JavaScript, React JS
  • Back End: JS, Express JS
  • Databases: MongoDB, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Design: Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, JQuery

Due to our vast domain expertise, we excel at crafting well-defined strategies that offer the best of the stack in a single place – including everything from front end, back end, databases, frameworks, hardware and infrastructure setup. 

We offer a comprehensive range of full stack engineering solutions, 0including:


UI/UX Design

Our expert developers are proficient in designing superior UI/UX that enable productivity improvements. By keeping an effective balance between UI and UX elements, we excel at crafting solutions that surpass customer expectations.

Front End

ICRUXSystem specializes in offering front end design services that deliver an enhanced user experience. We make use of several interactive technologies including Angular JS, Bootstrap, Ember JS, JQuery, Material UI and React to develop front end interfaces.


Our team specializes in multi-tier API development, which makes it possible to individually scale or edit any API layer without affecting other layers. We achieve this by using open-source web frameworks such as Django and Laravel.

Back End

At IcruxSystem, our full stack developers have years of experience in providing safe and durable backend development services. Our proficiency with several backend technologies including Java, Lumen, PHP, Python and Spring allows us to handle every aspect of back end development ranging from APIs to libraries.

Quality Assurance

In addition to offering development services at every layer of the software stack, IcruxSystem also offers comprehensive quality assurance and testing services. From API testing to smoke testing, functional testing, load testing, regression testing, usability testing, network testing and compatibility testing, we carry out thorough quality assurance tests to ensure absolute security.

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