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JavaScript is a very dynamic language . It allows you to build Frontend, Backend, and Extensions.  In the recent timesthere have been many frameworks built on JavaScript and some of the Popular ones have been ReactJS, AngularJS and NodeJS.



AngularJS was launched by Google and is used as a client side Web Framework.This was heavily used in the implementation of SPA ( Single Page Application) with multiple Views.  It gels well with extensions and libraries and helps extending the HTML.The major features are data binding, routing,dependency injection and deep linking.


  •  Support for Customized DOM
  •  Routing and Angular Data Binding
  •  Robust Templates  provided along with Libraries
  •  Injection Subsytem with inbuilt dependency
  • Use of MVVM (Model-View- ViewModel) Architecture
  •  Extensive embedding of interactive elements can make the page Slow
  •  Integrating Third Party can become difficult
  •  Performance Issues with DOM
  •  Robust Templates  provided along with Libraries
  •  Injection Subsytem with inbuilt dependency 
  • Learning Curve can be difficult


NodeJS  is a JRE (Java Run time Environment) which allows execution of JavaScript code Server-side.NodeJS offers event driven I/O APIs. It can also run on different Platforms like Windows , Linux,MacOSX and Unix.



  •  Scalability is the biggest advantage
  •  It can run on the Google V8  JavaScript Engine
  •  Known for High Performance due to its capability for non-blocking IO Operations
  •  Advantage of Caching- Re-Execution of Code is minimised
  •  Simultaneous Request can be handled Concurrently
  •  Easily Extensible
  •  Lack of Extensive Library
  •  Extensive Changes and not a stable environment
  •  Inefficiency in handling CPU Extensive Apps
  •  Dealing with Relational Database is not easy
  •  Nested callbacks can be a pain


AngularJS NodeJS React JS


ReactJS is a javascript library that combines the swiftness of Javascript and  employs an innovative approach to interpreting webpages. It helps building a dynamic library with high performance. ReactJS is more of a library which offers a complete set of tools and framework


  •  Component Creation helps in creation of small modules which can be easily integrated
  •  Virtual DOM this feature helps in rendering pages much faster
  • Migrate easily to react
  •  Helps in SEO
  • View Oriented
  • Support for both front-end and Server-side


  •  Documentation is a major concern
  • Constant changes with the librarys
  • Very UI-Centric as the focus is less code
Our take is that the approach can be different based on your requirements. ReactJS has been a popular choice due to the Learning curve and also faster Perfromance but there are cases where you could go with AngularJS or NodeJS


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