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Data Modernization

Complete data modernization services that future-proof businesses

Data Modernization

IcruxSystem specializes in offering a comprehensive range of data modernization services that enable businesses to remain agile and competitive. By leveraging the cloud, mobile, app modernization and big data analysis, we can help businesses reduce cost of data management and realize a faster time to value. Our range of data modernization services includes:

Data migration and data quality

IcruxSystem offers a full range of data migration solutions that give businesses to transfer archived data to an on-premise platform or to the cloud. Whether it is moving data to an enterprise vault, moving data from enterprise vaults across hardware or reclaiming email data from expensive hosting providers, you can count on us to deliver.

Data consolidation

We excel at offering a comprehensive suite of data consolidation services that streamline and optimize IT infrastructure for businesses. In addition to consolidating existing data, we also leverage our expertise in data architecture design and data modeling to provide reliable data consolidation.

Data transformation

At IcruxSystem, our data transformation services enable businesses to export data across databases and servers. We follow a well-defined approach to data transformation which encompasses assessment and strategy, cloud migration, transfer and storage of data.

Data governance

IcruxSystem enables businesses to manage their data assets in a secure manner, while adhering to data protection standards. We offer comprehensive data governance services including enterprise data governance, workflow management, master data management, data quality management, metadata management and data privacy and protection.

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