With every passing day we hear Data being a crucial element for Business to make meaningful and Insightful decisions. Every company needs to have a Strategy to derive meaningful inferences from Data and Act based on it .Its very important to focus first on Data Quality

Organizations of huge scale can hold data in different systems and different formats which can be a huge challenge to a lot of customers.You can build intelligent platforms or use  Cloud platforms to do Machine Learning and have  a positive impact.This can all work provided  the Data layer is Supreme and Qualitative . Whats the Data Quality ?

How do you Measure Data Quality ??


Data Quality can be measured   in the following core principles


  • Completeness
  • Conformity
  • Validity
  • Accuracy

There are different ways in which you can map your data in to the above four parameters  and get a good idea of how good your Data looks like



There are different ways you can analyze your data  and that totally depends on the business case

PrepData Analytics

In this we  gather , combine  , clean and Organize data. You can run different statistical approach on this data sets

Descriptive Analytics

This type of Analytics helps us to understand the behaviour at any given point of time.This will tell you exactly why a certain event occurred and you can learn from past data


Diagnostic Analytics


This helps us understand why and when a event  occurred. You can use different statistical methods like ANOVA , Hypothesis test


Predictive Analytics


As the name suggests this helps us in predicting the behaviour or outcome based on past data. Regression Analysis are useful for Predictive Analytics.


Good quality Data coupled with strong Analytical skills can form the backbone for Digital Success as they provide insights  that help in key decisions

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