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The True Technology enabled Network of Networks


Our team at IcruxSystem has working knowledge of all major IOT network standards, technologies and protocols, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, ZigBee and cellular. This allows us to offer a variety of customized IOT services to businesses across different industries. From IOT gateway development to backend and API development of IOT devices, creating IOT cloud platforms and connectivity with wearables, we offer end-to-end IOT implementation, support and maintenance services for our clients. We provide a complete range of IOT solutions including:

IOT consulting

IcruxSystem enables businesses to accelerate their connected product offerings by offering proven IOT strategies. We provide end-to-end IOT consulting and solution development services spanning everything ranging from defining the problem statement to carrying out product and service enhancements.

IOT engineering

At IcruxSystem, our experts can help deploy IOT solutions with a unique blend of integration, design and connectivity. We leverage our expertise in cloud solutions to offer IOT gateway development, IOT implementation and support, IOT cloud platforms, connectivity with wearable devices, IOT maintenance services and backend and API development of IOT devices.

IOT testing

In addition to IOT consulting and IoT engineering, IcruxSystem also provides comprehensive IOT testing services. We follow well-defined QA strategies and frameworks to validate IOT applications that have in-depth cloud and mobile enterprise architecture capabilities.

IOT app development

IcruxSystem enables organizations to build IOT applications to support smart business initiatives. We specialize in developing reliable IOT apps that are used in industries ranging as far and wide as agriculture to industrial IOT, security and monitoring and home automation.

Narrow band IOT solutions

Due to our expert knowledge covering various IOT tools and technologies such as LWM2M (FOTA, SOTA, DM), we offer a range of narrow band IOT solutions. Our narrow band IOT solutions are designed to support complete IOT device management.

Managed services and support

As part of our IOT offerings, we also offer a full range of managed services and support covering application management, cloud hosting, L1/L2/L3 support, incident management, remote infrastructure management and command center SoC/NoC.

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