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System Integration (SI)

Connecting disparate IT systems, software and hardware into a well-functioning and cohesive unit

System Integration (SI)

Our team at IcruxSystem can help your business adopt new technologies and processes by overcoming the obstacles associated with software integration – between existing applications as well as to external systems.
We can help integrate different systems including CRM, legacy systems, internal applications, databases, ERP software and business processes into a cohesive framework. In addition to end-to-end implementation, we also offer ongoing maintenance and support.
Our range of system integration solutions include:

Data integration services

Our system integration engineers specialize in designing automated integration services. We can help businesses integrate multiple data types by merging data across different applications, file formats and database management systems while ensuring full data integrity during the transfer. We achieve this using proven version control protocols and the best ETL practices.

Enterprise application integrations

At IcruxSystem, we excel in providing enterprise application integration solutions that enable seamless communication across mission-critical business platforms. Our expertise in enterprise application integrations spans platforms that handle CMS, ERP, CRM, BI, digital marketing and reporting and analytics.

API integration services

Our team of system integration experts utilize the best networking practices when it comes to integrating open-source and third-party APIs. In addition to integration, we can also help interface separate enterprise processes and platforms, synchronize data formats across applications and add web service functionality to applications. We execute our API integration services using leading platforms including Azure, Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, Funnel and Anypoint.

Service oriented architecture

IcruxSystem specializes in developing enterprise-wide SOA, designed to deploy business services using a single business logic interface. We excel at designing SOAs that are optimized for rapid data retrieval, system independence, web service interoperability and reusability of integrated system.

Training and support

In addition to our system integration services, IcruxSystem also enables businesses to adopt any sustainable or transformative change. We do this by providing comprehensive training and support to ensure that businesses are updated with any system integration changes that have been carried out.

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