Progressive WebApps or Accelerated Mobile Pages



Progressive Web apps  or Accelerated Mobile Pages  are the norms when you think of designing your own app.Both PWA and AMP have given desired results and are a huge success with Web Developers.

Overview :

What is Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web pages which are fast and give a app like experience to the user. They have the ability to give app like experience and faster transitions to web pages.The biggest advantage of PWA is to store it like a app icon on Mobile Devices.PWA offers publishers to give push notifications just like a app does.PWA offer the ability for users to access content offline
What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are like any other HTML page but  the biggest advantage  of AMP is the faster load and quick rendering . Backed by Google a AMP page has 3 components AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache.

PWA (Progressive Web apps)



·         No App updates or Installation required

·         Same Code base

·         Faster and Quick Load time regardless off Network

·         Can be used Offline

·         Cheaper then Native apps

·         Full use of Javascript Framework

·         Unified Customer Experience

·         Secure and Less Intrusive


·         Native features of phones like Bluetooth and Phone and hardware features not supported

·         Hardware support is limited

·         Cross App logins not allowed

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)



·         Lower  Load  time

·         Improved SEO Ranking

·         Used extensively by Publishers


·         No  Javascript allowed  except for inbuilt

·         Lazy Load functionality

·         Difficult to track user activity on AMP Pages

·         No user scripts


What do we recommend ??

Our suggestion is to go with PWA. We could also use a combination of AMP and PWA. The primary AMP will be used only to load the page faster and from there on we can use PWA .


AMP gets content in front of users fast, while PWA enables rich user experience and engagement through features like push notifications, add to home screen button etc.


AMP is more for content but with PWA user-experience and user-engagement can be enhanced


Ready to get started?

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