Using Orchestrator with Multiple Grids



The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Process Recorder records the entire process in EnterpriseOne and it creates a form request contains a series of actions which is alternate to manually creating a form request in the Orchestrator Studio.

Orchestrator JDE

We recorded the journal entry application(P0911Z1) with Process recorded and created Service Request where we have only one grid in the process.


Orchestrator JDEdwards

We can enter multiple lines using orchestrator using a recorded service request.

Orchestrator JDE


What if we have multiple grids in one process and each grid has multiple lines. To enter a voucher using Standard A/P Voucher Entry Application(P0411) process there are two grids.

Check below Service Request recorded with process recorder for Voucher Entry application(P0411).

Orchestrator JDE

We cannot directly use a recorded process to create voucher as we have two grids with the same name. We need to modify the Service to enter multiple lines in both grids like below.

JDE Orchestrator
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