Integrating Netsuite with On-Prem JD Edwards using ICS Adapter



The main reason to use Oracle ICS is to map and synchronize data between all different kinds of SaaS applications. For example, you might use Net suite or any other third party systems as your primary application but another one for ERP activities such as order and invoice tracking. In such a case, if a new customer is created in Netsuite it should be created in the ERP application as well – automatically and immediately.


The intended usage of ICS are implementations of simple, light weight integrations between SaaS applications. ICS supports both Business and Scheduled Orchestration integrations. It also supports REST and SOAP services within the integration as Invoke and Trigger by using an associated connection adapter. We can also include the Error handling, Lookup and Notifications during the design of integration.

Below is a scenario where we have integrated Netsuite with a On Prem ERP JDEdwards using ICS for Item Receipts. This integrations automates the creation of Purchase Order whenever a Item Reciept is done in NetSuite

You can also transform the flat files in ICS from FTP location to any third party application or ERP system by using web services trigger. It is easy to implement and supports all type of web service calls including SOAP and REST.

You can also use Read, Write, Copy, Delete operations on flat files and notify the users in case of any error occurs during the processing .

 Following diagram illustrates the Integration workflow and connection between FTP and on premises JDE ERP system.

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