Using Scope for Error Handling in ICS

How to use Scope in your Integration



Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides “Global Fault Handler” to catch errors/faults in integration. In an event of a  fault in a integration it goes to “Global Fault Handler” to perform some user define actions like notifying error, etc. and then stops integration with an error state.


What happens when you have to iterate through multiple conditions and need to continue even if one condition fails.


Here is a scenario with one set of iteration or condition

Oracle ICS

If you see the above integration where you have multiple conditions and want the integration to move on to the next logical step the Integration will stop and not move ahead

Using Scope we can catch the error and move ahead to the next logical step in the integration . This does not stop the integration abruptly but rather moves to the next logical step . This helps to have a proper try catch method in the Integraion


ICS Integration JDE

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