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With the introduction of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE) Orchestrator,raw data from external system can be easily transformed for use within JD Edwards.The orchestrations created can not only receive data from external devices in IOT setup,but can also provide data to cloud services,third party application and EnterpriseOne programs.Orchestrator studio provides a simple UI to business analysts for creating the also allows the developer to make use of the groovy scripting and java custom programs to achieve complex requirement.

Challenge :

Process recorder being such a useful tool it has its own limitations,one such limitation is inability to capture the functionality of clickable grid column buttons (Orchestrator studio just that the form service request doesn’t identify clicking grid column buttons as actions.



JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Process Recorder (Release

Process recorder is a utility provided to record a series of actions in EnterpriseOne application and save those actions as a new form request. This method of creating a form request is very simple and is an alternative to manually creating a form request.


Make REST calls in orchestration :

The only way as of now to replicate the functionality of clickable grid column buttons of a Jde application is by making the Rest calls to AIS Server.To make the Rest calls,First we will have to create a REST connection by specifying the endpoint and then using that connection we will have to create a REST connector and a request.In this way we can successfully achieve the requirement of capturing the functionality of clickable grid column buttons in orchestrator.



Although we have figured out a workaround to achieve this requirement,future releases of  Orchestrator studio might be able to do the same using form request or process recorder without having to make the Rest calls.

Have you tried using Excel sheets with Orchestrator and reading direct from Excel sheets or know more about Groovy Scripts  .
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