Native or Hybrid whats your Choice ??

How to choose betwen Native and Hybrid Apps ??



Lot of clients always have this dilemma of what to choose when it comes to deciding between Native App development or Hybrid apps.

Over the last few years there have been a lot of hybrid platforms which have become available to name a few Ionic , Xamarin, Phone Gap, React Native, MAF from Oracle .How to decide which way to go is what this article is going to help you with ?

Traditional apps were developed in the native language Java for Android and for IOS  Objective C and  the new Swift. Hybrid apps are developed using the latest HTML5 and Javascript framework and then packed to a native Container.The biggest advantage of using Hybrid is Develop once and deploy in any Platform. With Native your development effort is different for android and different for IOS

Advantage of Hybrid :

1. Complex Business Logic : If your app is heavily dependent on Business logic layer then Hybrid can save a lot of time

2. Development Cost :  If you want to reduce the development lifecycle and cost then hybrid is  your choice  as long as you understand its limitations


Disadvantages of Hybrid

1.UI : When it comes to having complex native UI then hybrid has its limitations. Apps developed on Hybrid never give a fully rich experience

2.Native Device Features : When it comes to using Native device features Hybrid has its own limitations. Over the years though some of the frameworks have been working on fixing this

3. Speed and Performance :  Apps developed on Native platforms always have better speed and performance


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